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18 Feb

What is an inverter generator

Publié par Mihael Dubois  - Catégories :  #generator, #inverter

What is an inverter generator


If you are asking what is an inverter generator, then I can answer your question. Recently I was asking a similar question. I needed a generator which has inverter technology so I can power my sensitive tools that require clean and pure energy. Did some questioning around and found out that generators produce energy that is not so clean. Well inverter generator provides clean energy.

It has a built in inverter which takes high voltage AC and converts it to DC. Later that DC is converted back to AC. That process is controlled by microprocessors and it produces high quality and clean energy which is similar to energy you get from power outlets in your house.

I followed a guide on www.thebestgenerator.com and it helped me realize I need an inverter generator for my needs. So if you were wondering what is an inverter generator, it is a generator that is designed to produce high quality and green energy for your sensitive electronics. I have one for few weeks now, and it is working as it should, for how long, we are yet to find out. But, so far so good. I hope I helped you. Cheers.

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